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Celebrating National Clean Out Your Computer Day

As Cybersecurity and Compliance experts we are proud to celebrate “National Clean Out Your Computer Day” on February 11, 2019. This is all about how to effectively and securely remove unwanted sensitive data from your computer. I know we can all relate to this quote “A clean home is a happy home” - think of your computer as your home, your most sensitive and valuable items are stored here just like at your home. Just as you make it a priority to effectively clean your home every day, let’s adapt a culture of cleanliness and adapt to the following ways to effectively and securely “clean out your computer”!

We as a company implement a culture of cleanliness in our office’s day to day operations. In our day to day operations at 24by7Security, Inc. we use a mail and document service where we store and share documents securely. This service implements a security mechanism called Page Zeroing that actively writes binary patterns or zeros over deleted data so that the deleted data is now more difficult to recover. Adding that extra internal security measure is an extra layer we put in place to protect our documents.

We asked our Cybersecurity experts to share with you how they celebrate “National Clean Out Your Computer Day”…

One of our Cybersecurity Experts: Anirudh Nadkarni who is a respected security analyst on our 24By7Security team celebrates National Clean Out Your Computer Day by purging his recycling bin.  He actually does this every day, not once a year! Purging your recycling bin on a daily basis will ensure that deleted documents containing sensitive information are permanently deleted and purged.

Our second Cybersecurity Expert: Benjamin Stukes who is on our 24By7Security team, celebrates National Clean Out Your Computer Day by purging his trash folder in his email on a daily basis. Purging your trash folder on your email application is a great way to ensure your deleted emails truly get deleted. Anything you have deleted in your inbox/sent still remains dormant in your trash folder and is as susceptible to theft as your other emails in the event your email getting hacked.

Carrin Harris, our Office Manager and Inbound Marketing Specialist, celebrates National Clean Out Your Computer Day by backing up her data regularly and by saving all her files to the cloud.

Celebrate National Clean Out Your Computer Day. Ensure that your organization adopts a culture of cleanliness and implements procedures to effectively and securely “clean out your computer”.  These should be part of your regular policies and procedures that you should follow on a daily basis within your organization.   Talk to your Chief Information Security Officer or your IT Department if you have questions. 

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24By7Security, Inc. is a premier National Cybersecurity and Compliance consulting firm. We are Cybersecurity & Compliance specialists with extensive hands on experience helping businesses build a defensive IT Infrastructure against all cyber security threats.

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