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Nobody is immune from cyber attacks! What basic steps should you take?

Yup, nobody is immune from cyber attacks, not even our friendly neighborhood superheroes!   Everyone needs to be aware…. And prepared.  What basic steps should you take?

With 2017 having already started with a bang, be sure that you are doing all you can to protect yourself and your business from cyber attacks.     Some of the predictions for 2017 include more ransomware attacks and more sophisticated phishing.   The Internet of Things vulnerabilities are likely to be exploited in a big way.   Malware and viruses continue to explode.

Keep security on top of your mind.   Don’t think that it won’t happen to you.   Here are some basic steps (Cybersecurity 101) that everyone should be following already, but often do not.

Ensure that your data is encrypted.

Backup all important information regularly.

Remember to never click on a link in an email or text message unless you are sure who it is being sent from.

Keep your anti-virus software updated.

Patch your operating system and software packages as manufacturers keep releasing patches to improve security on a regular basis.

Do not reuse passwords across user accounts.

Do not share your passwords with others.

Internet of Things manufacturers are already starting to follow standards and is guidelines to increase security of their devices.     As a user, at a minimum, ensure that default passwords on your “smart” devices are changed immediately if the device allows password change – avoid using the factory-provided password to the extent possible.   This is particularly important for any smart device that connects to your home or business internet line – it could be a smart TV, a smart thermostat, a smart watch, a smart kitchen appliance – anything that shares your internet connection with your computers.

All these steps are common sense – but they only work if they are actually done. Let’s follow in our superheroes’ footsteps and stay aware and prepared in order to stay safe to the extent possible, in this world of cyber attacks.



24By7Security, Inc. is a premier National Cybersecurity and Compliance consulting firm. We are Cybersecurity & Compliance specialists with extensive hands on experience helping businesses build a defensive IT Infrastructure against all cyber security threats.

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