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Phase 1 of New York Cybersecurity Regulation is due September 1, 2017

24By7Security brings to you a 3-part instructional series on the New York State Cybersecurity Regulations.   


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This 3-part instructional series addresses requirements that New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) introduced as NY CRR 500 (Part 500 of Title 23 of the Official Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations). There are 23 sections, 15 of which specifically deal with Cybersecurity requirements. Any entity subject to the Banking, Insurance and/ or Financial Services laws in New York State, is considered a covered entity for the purpose of compliance with NY CRR 500.

There are 15 sections of the regulations that address the various Cybersecurity activities that covered entities should be doing. You will see in the PDF available for download in this article, what these sections entail. There are various deadlines for certain sections. Some sections may have parts with extended deadlines, details of which are provided in the attached PDF.

Section 500.01 of the regulation provides some key definitions:

  • Covered entities – are the financial institutions subject to this regulation as they are subject to the
  • Banking, Insurance and/ or Financial Services laws in New York State.
  • Third Party service providers - are vendors providing services to Covered Entities that as part of this maintain, process or otherwise access Nonpublic information as part of their work for the Covered Entities.
  • Affiliates – are subsidiaries of covered entities.
  • Nonpublic Information – is business information of the CE, as well as PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and PHI (Protected Health Information).

Section 500.19 gives exemptions for certain kinds of covered entities from some of these regulations.   Some exemptions are highlighted in the attached PDF.   This is mainly for small covered entities or those who do not handle certain kinds of information. But there are other exemption criteria as well. We recommend that covered entities review this with their legal counsel to determine if they are exempt or not. It is important to do this, because the covered entity must give notice as to their exemptions.

Covered entities are now required to submit a certificate of compliance on an annual basis starting February 2018. The form for this is included with the regulations.
Further, the various sections go into effect over the course of the next 2 years. Our instructional series will thus focus on these groups of sections going into effect over these dates. This part will go over the ones required by Sept 1 of 2017. See Page 10 and 11 for the breakdown of the timeline.

Sections 500.02 and onward focus on specific requirements beginning with a Cybersecurity Program and Policy, what they should entail, the role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), requirements in terms of Access Privileges, Cybersecurity Personnel, Monitoring and Incident Response.

The New York Cybersecurity Regulations put forth by the Department of Financial Services are a comprehensive set of step-by-step requirements that assist covered entities in setting up and maintaining a strong Cybersecurity posture which is essential in today’s world of constant cyber crime.   We hope that you find this blog and our download useful as a guideline to help you get compliant, or even as a checklist to verify your current state.

This is Part 1 of an instructional series brought to you by 24By7Security, on compliance with the New York State (NYDFS) Cybersecurity Regulations NY CRR 500, covering items that should be complied with by September 1, 2017.   Look out for future segments of this instructional series covering items that should be complied with in the coming months.

You may download a free copy of the NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation presentation and other informative Cybersecurity and HIPAA related material at our Free Library page on this site.



24By7Security, Inc. is a premier National Cybersecurity and Compliance consulting firm. We are Cybersecurity & Compliance specialists with extensive hands on experience helping businesses build a defensive IT Infrastructure against all cyber security threats.

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