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Stay safe online while giving thanks this holiday season

Stay safe online while giving thanks this holiday season

Happy Thanksgiving!  Stay safe online! Whether you are traveling or staying home, we have enough to be thankful for and to be cautious about from a cyber security and safety point of view.  We are thankful for all the awareness and education in the cyber security space and the laws and actions being taken by governments and firms worldwide to protect their citizens, customers and employees from cyber attacks.   We are thankful for great technological advances in all walks of life, and for strides taken in keeping technology as secure as possible from hackers and attackers.

Whether you may be traveling or staying local this holiday season, there are some basic tips that you can take to stay safe online.

  1. While traveling, beware of public Wi-Fi networks.   Try to always use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) while connecting to public Wi-Fi networks. A VPN will encrypt your communications and keep you safer.   If you don’t have access to a VPN, your safest bet might be to tether your laptop or other devices to your own cellular hotspot.
  2. While traveling and shopping in crowded areas, be mindful of where your devices are, and keep them away from the public eye wherever possible, in order to prevent theft.   Always use a password or PIN to lock your devices.
  3. Backup your data on all devices before starting a trip. That way, you won’t lose everything if your device is stolen or infected with malware.
  4. Be mindful of what you share on social media. Ideally, do not post photos or comments of your vacation until you are back on home ground.   This makes your home less vulnerable to theft.
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For some of you this week of Thanksgiving may be hectic while for others it may be a time for relaxation.     Either way, we wish you a happy, memorable and safe Thanksgiving with your near and dear ones!

By Rema Deo.


24By7Security, Inc. is a premier National Cybersecurity and Compliance consulting firm. We are Cybersecurity & Compliance specialists with extensive hands on experience helping businesses build a defensive IT Infrastructure against all cyber security threats.

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