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Why does Cybersecurity Education matter?

Why is Cybersecurity Education important?

When you think of education, Cybersecurity is probably not the first thing that comes to mind.  Maybe it should, because Cybersecurity incidents have increased steadily every year.  Between January of 2005 and April of 2018 there have been 8854 recorded data breaches (reported by ID Theft Resource Center). 

Cybersecurity is something everyone should be aware of, which is why the entire month of October is dedicated to Cybersecurity awareness!  Spending associated with cyber crime has increased by almost 23% in the last year alone.  Cyber crime affects individuals and businesses alike which is why the role of education plays such a crucial role in Cybersecurity.  With the increase in these incidents, companies are in need of qualified individuals to fill vacant jobs.

Could a Job in Cybersecurity be for you?

Did you know that Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing fields in the workforce?  An estimated 1.3 million jobs will go unfilled in Cybersecurity by 2022.  As we look to the next generation entering the workforce, it is clear that millennials do care about Cybersecurity. Statistics show that most educational institutions are including technology safety and security in their education programs.  Unfortunately, statistics also show that young people are skipping online safety, in most cases as little as half are taking steps such as updating software and apps, using two step authentication, avoiding clicking questionable links and sharing personal information online.

Cybersecurity careers aren’t just for new additions to the workforce!  You may find a transition to a Cybersecurity career easier than you think!

Cyber Insurance Specialist – With Cyber Safety issues on the rise, companies are investing in Cyber Insurance and insurance companies need insurance agents who are familiar with the complexity of Cybersecurity.

Lawyers specializing in Cybersecurity  - As breaches increase so do the associated legal implications.  There is a shortage of lawyers with an understanding of compliance and Cybersecurity to both assist with the legal ramifications and to advise businesses when creating their policies and procedures.

24By7Security, Inc. also hires periodically. We find that there is a lot of demand for Cybersecurity specialists and often supply is not enough to meet the demand.

Rema Deo, our Managing Director commented, "Specifically from our point of view as a company that is seeking to hire more talent in this area, an important point of note is the blend between CyberSecurity and compliance skills.  Many companies request CyberSecurity services because of a need to be compliant with specific laws.  This involves knowledge of the law, understanding how to do a gap analysis or a risk assessment, technical knowledge of the specific CyberSecurity and networking areas, and the ability to document findings and communicate remediation requirements and priorities."

Within CyberSecurity itself, there are people who have skills in one area and perhaps not the other.  For instance, you may find resources who are highly skilled in penetration testing, but may not have any experience with forensics or incident response. 

Similarly, training institutions must include in their curriculum classes or sections related to communication, documentation, the compliance landscape and more. As an example, there are laws that mandate companies to conduct security risk assessments or vulnerability assessments.  Security and privacy go hand in hand, so gaining an insight into privacy requirements of different industries is extremely important for a security expert. This applies to all levels of Cybersecurity experts ranging from security analysts and testers to Chief Information Security Officers."

Free PDF on Ransomware, 24By7Security, Free download

Practice Cyber Hygiene Daily

We encourage students to not only practice Cyber Hygiene every day, but also to consider a career path in Cybersecurity as well.  In an effort to raise awareness for Cybersecurity, 24By7Security, Inc. sponsors Cybersecurity day events at local universities.  This year our Managing Director and CEO, Rema Deo spoke at Nova South Eastern University on Cyber Vulnerabilities and how companies can test them.  We have been a proud sponsor of Nova Southeastern University’s Cybersecurity day since 2015.  Our presentations have included topics on Cyber Hygiene, Cyber Issues facing Teens today and Cyber Risks for Teens. 

We are also Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champions and STOP. THINK. CONNECT. Partners.  During Cybersecurity Month, we offered a Tip of the Day video series to share this campaign in a less formal format on social networks.  We hope you will share your feedback regarding our educational resources and your experiences with Cybersecurity, not just during Cybersecurity Month!  Cyber Safety is your job too!



24By7Security, Inc. is a premier National Cybersecurity and Compliance consulting firm. We are Cybersecurity & Compliance specialists with extensive hands on experience helping businesses build a defensive IT Infrastructure against all cyber security threats.

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