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Believe to Achieve with 24By7Security!

Believe to Achieve! That’s exactly what we at 24By7Security did at the beginning of 2017.   And what a year full of[…]

They all ask for a risk assessment: have you completed yours this year?

Yes, they all ask for a risk assessment.   If you, as a healthcare covered entity or a healthcare business associate,[…]

On-site audits to follow OCR Phase 2 HIPAA desk audits

During the OCR/ NIST Safeguarding Health Information: Building Assurance through HIPAA Security conference in September[…]

Cybersecurity issues can impact patient care

A running theme during the Sep 2017 OCR/ NIST HIPAA Security conference was that providers and business associates must[…]

How hospitals can protect themselves from ransomware

The world of cyber threats just got even more serious. Forget about corporate espionage just being the stuff of movies,[…]
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