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Connecticut patients can now sue healthcare providers for privacy violations or PHI disclosure

The Connecticut Supreme court has ruled that patients have the right to sue healthcare providers for privacy violations[…]

Believe to Achieve with 24By7Security!

Believe to Achieve! That’s exactly what we at 24By7Security did at the beginning of 2017. And what a year full of[…]

On-site audits to follow OCR Phase 2 HIPAA desk audits

During the OCR/ NIST Safeguarding Health Information: Building Assurance through HIPAA Security conference in September[…]

HIPAA enforcement trends - What is OCR doing?

Iliana Peters recently provided a thorough update of HIPAA enforcement trends as well as a road map to OCR’s current[…]

WannaCry! Lessons learnt - Patch, Backup and Protection

Ransomware infections like WannaCry will come and go, but our job as Cyber Security professionals is to narrow down how[…]

Nobody is immune from cyber attacks! What basic steps should you take?

Yup, nobody is immune from cyber attacks, not even our friendly neighborhood superheroes! Everyone needs to be aware….[…]

HIPAA Enforcement - Its already 2017 - Are you ready?

HIPAA Enforcement - Are you ready for 2017? HIPAA enforcement is getting more serious in 2017 – are you ready? Director[…]

24By7Security celebrates National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

24By7Security celebrates October as National Cybersecurity Awareness month Recognizing that keeping cyber space secure[…]

HIPAA OCR Enforcement Actions against Business Associates

HHS’ Office for Civil Rights is responsible for enforcing the Privacy and Security Rules on HIPAA covered entities.[…]

OCR Announces Launch of Phase 2 of 2016 HIPAA Audit Program

A new round of federal privacy and security audits will target the covered entities along with their business[…]
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